don't forget to remember me...

Last Friday I came home from work early with a migraine. But, since we haven't had a real date in I'm not sure how long (studying in the same room while gmailing funny links in between can only count as a date so many times...) Gabe decided to get a little creative.

We took out the blow up mattress, rented a movie, decided to buy a popcorn maker (you can only pop so much popcorn by hand and we have about 4 more gallons of it), and came home to enjoy it all.

I love nights like that, ones that are simple and refreshing. We laughed SO many times during the movie and I think part of it was that we were simply in a good mood.

Glad to be finished with school for a few hours and work for a few days, we spent the night enjoying one another's company and some freshly popped corn.

I love nights like this, ones where in it I catch a perfect moment and take a mental picture with all my senses...

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