don't blink don't close your eyes...

We have a new intercom system at my work, it links to the lot right outside my window and anytime the secretary for the building speaks it sounds like this lady:

and I feel like I am in the trailer to Hunger Games which in turn freaks me out for a millisecond due to my irrational fear of all things post apocalyptic

Today is Dr.Seuss day... to celebrate we had a multicolored lunch and went to see Humor U. I thoroughly enjoyed the following jokes:
"Kim Jong Il? More like Kim Jong Dead"
and in reference to Ludacris tweeting about the economy "falling faster than my street cred after Baby"
it was only mildly awkward that Bridian came with us when a kid started telling jokes about kids dying in car wrecks... ... ...
after hanging out I drove Bridian home and we talked about all sorts of things. I love that girl.

when I came home there sat my husband working on homework, watching a favorite movie and before I go cuddle up with a book and get some sleep I have to say that Gabe is absolutely perfect for me. God knew exactly what he was doing all these years, even if Gabe and I are just starting to figure it all out

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