Thursday, March 29, 2012

Promises, swear them to the sky...

My family moved over twenty two times by the time I was 18, so you think I would be used to packing up and leaving a place, especially if it is just for the summer.

But I am not.

Everyday I realize something new that I will be missing, and then in turn I think God reminds me of a new opportunity or something I ever so desperately am ready to leave behind.

So then my emotions do this tug-of-war and I think I am finally beginning to understand why in the world I am freaking out over such a minute change.

As much as I hate to admit it Utah has really become my home, my safe haven and sometimes my place of escape. I have done a lot of growing up here. I have so many memories here. I have found the best of friends and slowly let go of others. I fell in love (twice) with the best man I know. I have grown into a person I really like.

It isn't that we are leaving this summer, it is that we are probably leaving for good next April.

Things are constantly changing, we are in college and most people move on from this juncture in their life. Saying goodbye is almost a constant at this point, which is a good thing. I want people to succeed, to follow their dreams...

But for me, this is the most consistent life has been for me. Moving between all the apartments, going from single to engaged to married... even with all of those changes I have been in the same place, with relatively the same people.

So this summer will be another adventure, I am sure I will love. But in the meantime please excuse my anxiety.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Last chance for changing lanes...

I have come to the conclusion that I am just not a picture taking person... so excuse the lack of pictures on this post... and all of the previous ones. I have a goal, and when I am not working two jobs and going to school I am pretty sure I will achieve it.

This weekend... why do I always write about my weekends? I'm not sure... maybe because we are not running around like chickens with our heads cut off, getting up 30 minutes too late, breakfast usually a granola bar and maybe a piece of fruit, getting home later than expected only to do a mountain of homework.

Yeah... no one wants to hear about that.

So.. this weekend started a little early for us. Thursday night we went to the pre-premiere of The Hunger Games with our friends The Browns. It was a lot of fun, and we met some more of the people who will be in Texas with us this summer.

The movie itself was unique and we enjoyed it. Yes it was a bit gruesome, but it didn't seem to bother most people and I thought it was dealt with tastefully, much of the violence is implied. Oh, and word to the wise, if you go see it don't sit terribly close to the front, it made a few of us motion sick.

Saturday night our friends Mark and Chelsea dropped by and we ended up having a fantastic and spontaneous night. Pizza was delivered, followed by dessert at The Awful Waffle, a Belgium waffle and crepe stand where the toppings range from fruit and Nutella to bacon and spinach (if you live in the Provo area and haven't been to this place you are missing out).

We decided some bowling might be fun and ended up spending one of our games doing goofy things like bowling like a robot and throwing the ball with your eyes closed. Gabe beat all of us both games with some killer strikes... I think that Wii bowling has really paid off.

We then ended up at our favorite park in Orem, where there were ducks and swings and even a little bit of chalk from Festival of Colors left over for us to mess around with.

Sunday night was probably our last game night in Provo for awhile. Great company and great food, we ended up making two batches of the renamed Snickerdoodle Popcorn (recipe here)

I am going to miss this for the next four months. But, then again, living 20 minutes from the ocean and Kemah Boardwalk will probably help.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

don't forget to remember me...

Last Friday I came home from work early with a migraine. But, since we haven't had a real date in I'm not sure how long (studying in the same room while gmailing funny links in between can only count as a date so many times...) Gabe decided to get a little creative.

We took out the blow up mattress, rented a movie, decided to buy a popcorn maker (you can only pop so much popcorn by hand and we have about 4 more gallons of it), and came home to enjoy it all.

I love nights like that, ones that are simple and refreshing. We laughed SO many times during the movie and I think part of it was that we were simply in a good mood.

Glad to be finished with school for a few hours and work for a few days, we spent the night enjoying one another's company and some freshly popped corn.

I love nights like this, ones where in it I catch a perfect moment and take a mental picture with all my senses...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and she will be loved...

sometimes I just want to say how much I love my husband... all the time, on every social network, and to every person I see and talk to. But since that would kind of be really weird and a little over the top I will just say it here:

I love my husband, more than anything. He is the reason I am a better person. He is the reason I work so hard in school and why I finally clean my room more than once a month...

Love you Gabe. Thank you for being my goatee touting, multi-tasking, indecisive, green wearing best friend.

(I know I look like a laughing banshee in this picture but I LOVE it because Gabe was making me laugh) 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

this is home...

Sometimes I forget how much I love the library... the smell of books... the hushed tones... some people grew up in a town, I grew up in libraries.

In fact, when I was in fourth grade, I read so much that it strained my eyes and I needed glasses for reading. I remember going to the library in my cutoff faded jean shorts, browsing the children's section of the library and sneaking off to other places, browsing the books and sometimes merely just touching all of the different ones with their textures and colors. My family moved quite a bit when I was growing up, but I cannot remember a place we lived where we didn't visit the local public library.

Gabe and I have started our own library, and have a little over two bookshelves of books (if you count his Zelda comics... and we do). Of course, we both still have a long list of books that we would like to add to our collection.

One day I will have my own library, in our home. One that my children have easy access to, and maybe I will even put up some of these cheesy posters that I remember so well:

Monday, March 12, 2012

... love was all we knew aka our weekend pt. 2

Saturday night was full of homework and quizzes...

at 6 I decided I wanted to go on a run...

by 6:40 I had an ipod running list and headed out the door. it was sunny, my arms and legs welcomed a chance to be free of cover. I had mapped out my run to my sister's house and back... a perfect 6 miles.

my sister happens to live next door to my friend Alyssa... who happened to be home when I finally made my halfway point and let me get a drink, use her phone to text Gabe that I wasn't in fact lying in a ditch in the road but that I was taking longer than expected, and to warm up for a moment. (how is that for a run on sentence... )

on the way back, I was freezing. the sun had set and my thin shirt and running shorts were no match for the wind. I also forgot it was uphill... I walked a little bit... then started running... my ipod died. I walked and ran intermittently for the rest of the way, my body screaming in protest. I made it back home... slipped into a hot bath and silently cheered at my accomplishment. This is the longest I have run since my surgery... It proves I can actually run that far with all the metal in my feet and be just fine.

Sunday we woke up around 11:30 only to realize neither of us were feeling that great. let's just say Gabe was in the bathroom for one reason or another all day, followed by a visit to the hospital for being extremely dehydrated... three IV bags later and they let us go home. He was up almost the entire night and finally got back to sleep around 6 this morning...

And here we are... on Monday. I talked Gabe into one more day of rest and he has been mostly sleeping since then.

we made plans to be unbreakable... aka our weekend pt. 1

this weekend started uphill... and ended somewhere towards the bottom

Friday night Gabe got off work a little late, we rushed home so I could get in at least one workout for the day, and after I showered we headed off to our friends The Browns to play a few rounds of cards... which once again turned into us staying until far too late, eating too much food, and laughing until our stomachs hurt...

Saturday I ran my sister 30 minutes north to grab her newly acquired car... I got on the highway back home only to discover it was at a standstill. Twenty minutes later I was exiting (having gone an entire mile) and calling up an old roommate to have lunch. We talked about our crazy (and I do mean crazy) roommates, our current life adventures and how funny it is that I swore off marriage before 28 and here I am and she being 26 is enjoying the single life when she thought she would be married by 22.

Funny how the Lord knows what we need much more than our immature plans.

As I got back into my car I thought back to my unconventional freshman year... living off-campus, headed to college a semester behind most of my graduating class, driving around my brother's awesome car while he was deployed...

I needed that extra semester off... I needed to attend the funeral and memorial services for two of my friends from high school... to take a 48 hour road trip with my grandparents... to hang out with my cousin Amy... I needed time off from growing up just a little bit longer.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

don't stop believin'

this past year, for Christmas we traveled back to the Midwest. we didn't want to carry out presents to each other out so instead we woke up at 5am... Gabe insisted it be first thing in the morning... for your entertainment here are the pictures that followed: 

Hotness... right here:
                                     Our stockings hung by a REAL actual fireplace

capture it, remember it

One weekend... long ago... Gabe and I went to Nickle City (an arcade where all machines are a nickle)
and a concert featuring The Aaron Smith Band... who in turn dedicated a song to Gabe
and yes, I am just not getting around to blogging about it. If you think that's bad, just wait. The next post is about Christmas

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

it just comes as no surprise

I reached a breaking point last week... somewhere between not ever going to bed before 1am and eating out almost every meal (and maybe watching a little too much Biggest Loser) I decided this isn't going to be my life anymore.

We were doing great until last semester when I had two surgeries within one month of each other. It was okay then to eat out and not really do anything. My body needed to rest. Sleeping the day away was healthy. But habits form easily and 3 months later it is time for me to set some goals and meet them!

I'm no longer going to weigh 154 pounds (give or take a few), not be able to run more than a mile, spend waay too much on low quality food, or walk around like a zombie. I don't even like television that much so why does it occupy my downtime?

I started last week by reading instead of watching television. I have decided tv is mundane enough that I can watch it while doing other things like laundry, busy work, or meal planning. Otherwise reading a book, spending time with the husband (even if we are playing games I am horrible at) or working on one of the many projects on my list of things to do has begun to occupy that time.

We also went grocery shopping based on a healthy menu and are enjoying cooking each night. Well except tonight... Gabe had a meeting and I had me a big fat salad.

And starting yesterday, for the next two weeks I am doing two a days... which involves working out two times a day. Which is horrible, until you start feeling the results. Then I will just maintain it.

Oh and it is 11:30... which is 30 minutes past my new bedtime.

Goood Night!

Friday, March 2, 2012

don't blink don't close your eyes...

We have a new intercom system at my work, it links to the lot right outside my window and anytime the secretary for the building speaks it sounds like this lady:

and I feel like I am in the trailer to Hunger Games which in turn freaks me out for a millisecond due to my irrational fear of all things post apocalyptic

Today is Dr.Seuss day... to celebrate we had a multicolored lunch and went to see Humor U. I thoroughly enjoyed the following jokes:
"Kim Jong Il? More like Kim Jong Dead"
and in reference to Ludacris tweeting about the economy "falling faster than my street cred after Baby"
it was only mildly awkward that Bridian came with us when a kid started telling jokes about kids dying in car wrecks... ... ...
after hanging out I drove Bridian home and we talked about all sorts of things. I love that girl.

when I came home there sat my husband working on homework, watching a favorite movie and before I go cuddle up with a book and get some sleep I have to say that Gabe is absolutely perfect for me. God knew exactly what he was doing all these years, even if Gabe and I are just starting to figure it all out