the quiet things that no one ever knows...

this weekend has been busy. and scary. and has made me grateful for those I love.

last night I received a call from my friend Laura who had just watched my sister get in a car wreck. my heart stopped for a moment. my little sister. my Emily. she is fine, she walked away with a few bruises and a need to visit the chiropractor. a girl was speeding to try and get through a red light and t-boned Emily in the process.

I went to pick her up this afternoon to go get everything out of her car. In between getting her stuff and picking her up we headed to my house and I just relished each moment we spent together. I straightened her hair and put her make up on just like we used to in high school and when we lived together in college.

car wrecks have not been kind to those I love and I was so grateful she was more than okay. that girl is tough.

when we got to the towing yard and I saw the car I was in disbelief. I had yet to see it before this and I was so shocked... leave it to Emily to downplay what happened.

(we named this car Bessie the Beast, and she really did turn out to be one...)

as we cleaned out her car, I kept noticing how everything seemed to be destroyed... except where she was sitting.
she was definitely being watched over last night. I am grateful that Heavenly Father let us keep her down here for hopefully a long time to come.

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