it started out as a feeling...

I am happy right now. Happy and at peace. I love times like this in my life and as I know they tend to be fleeting I am going to enjoy it, bask in it and document it.

Gabe and I went out to dinner tonight because I have this knack for over planning my life and then having people need just a little bit more from me. Time management is on my to do list... and I am improving at it so I'm not too worried.

While we were eating dinner there was a noticed attitude in the air, Gabe even made verbal note of it. I know romance is supposed to consist of chocolates and roses, jewelry and public displays of devotion.

But to me, romance is inside jokes and stolen glances, promises made and kept, music and food shared, late night talking and early morning running, a trip to the store for girly things and guacamole ingredients...

flowers, chocolates and jewelry are nice, I really do appreciate it. but the things I hold dear, the ones that I will forever hold close to my heart are the adventures with my favorite person, the ones we have been having since we were 14 years old.

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