I found a backup plan...

its not fair

little kids say it, teenagers whiiiiine it.... and adults simply reply "life isn't fair"

when I was a kid I HATED that answer. it almost always set me off... because I wanted things to be fair, I wanted justice

but alas, as I sit here in the middle of a lunch room full of people, from all walks of life it hits me in the face again "life isn't fair"

it isn't fair that I am able to be at such a wonderful school earning an education

it isn't fair that my professor met with me for an hour this morning to go over concepts that I didn't understand in class

it isn't fair that I have a decent paying job where my boss understands that school comes first

it isn't fair that I have a wonderful friend who lets me use her visitor pass to the gym at 6am

it isn't fair that I have a caring husband who spends countless hours serving me

it isn't fair that I have little brothers who call me to tell me all about their lives right when I need it

no... life is not fair at all. and while there are things that hurt, that I don't understand, there are also wonderful blessings and opportunities that I have been given to succeed above that which I deserve.

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