Welcome to Ogden

I hope that our year will go as well as our New Year's Eve... surrounded by those we are just getting to know, friends and those who might as well be family:

I had my first ever New Years kiss (last year Husband was sick and fell asleep early), from my best friend.

We showed some people how to play Canasta (don't even tell me it is for old people)

James snuck off to talk to his favorite person

Bridian kept us all on our toes in a grueling game of NERTS

We laughed and joked, just soaking in the last few hours of the year

I loved glancing over at Gabe periodically throughout the night, knowing that through everything this last year he has been next to me and that I would get to be next to him for countless years to come

Our lives have definitely gone in a different direction than we thought we wanted, only to discover the path we are on is what we needed more than anything.

Happy New Year to you and yours

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