we found love in a hopeless place...

isn't it kind of funny how when something happens we have a hard time catching our breath... like it has become so consuming that our brain stops for just a split of a second and we have to remind ourselves to breathe

shall we call it the human condition?

you know... that feeling of despair and loss. hurt and confusion.thinking that there is no way that you could be more alone in this moment. wondering how something could really hurt THIS much.

who hasn't experienced that feeling?

from the poor child in Africa, stomach pooching out from hunger to the rich elite who never want for those things money can buy but can't seem to grasp true joy.

the human condition isn't one you can claim all for yourself, it is part of being on this earth. it is as much a part of the human experience as breathing. it does not discriminate based on color, sex, age or socioeconomic condition.

some have experienced the human condition more than others... some have become so hardened they no longer believe in it.

but it is there, crashing its way through families, imposing itself on seemingly perfect lives. paralyzing us with fear.

some hide it, others uncomfortably expose it to the world. each unique but seemingly similar condition calls for its own reaction.

and really... there isn't much more that I can say except you are loved. I promise.

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