if no one is beside you...

There is an old man who stops by my office every afternoon. He slumps a bit, has straight white hair with a mustache to match and is almost always wearing an over sized black stocking cap and suspenders. Everyday he says "Hello" in his deep singsong voice. Every Friday he asks if I am ready for the weekend.

Somehow there is comfort in his consistency. 

Yesterday, our fantastic roommate moved out and on to more adventures in her life. As we were texting our goodbyes to one another (after all she will be returning to visit often) she said something that stuck out to me:

"safe always wins over exciting in the end"

I thought about that for a moment and contemplated the truth of it. There is something to be said for exciting, it is almost always new, and I am almost positive endorphins are released in the process of it all. Sometimes, exciting is needed to jump start a new aspect of life.

But when the new wears off what is it that we are left with? I think about the start of new school years, impromptu trips with friends, traveling to new places, having new experiences...

I love meeting new people, trying new foods, traveling places and the idea of a new experience but not over the prospect of interaction with those I love.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in self discovery and I plan on traveling far and wide. But more than that, I plan on returning home when I am finished with it all.

After all, in the end exciting is a lonely place if there is no one to enjoy it with.

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