pretty pretty please...

sometimes I want to speed through events in my life, especially the ones that everyone else is already finished with or almost finished with. the ones that I will accomplish in my own due time because lets face it my life is not on the normal track of things.

like getting my four year degree (when in all actuality I have only spent 5 semesters at school)

or having some faint idea of where we are going to live after college (because we will go where ever grad school and jobs take us)

or having cute little babies and having the privilege of being a stay at home mom and house wife (yes, I am jealous but at the same time realize this isn't our time and enjoy it)

or traveling the world on humanitarian missions (cheesy? you  might think so but I have been dreaming up various ideas of how to do this while raising a family since I was 7)

I have been told that I have too high expectations for life at times, but I think in all actuality I have too little patience for those things I have wanted for so long (a stable place to have a home base, humanitarian work)
and for those things that have caught me by surprise (how important a college education has become to me, being a stay at home anything)

me, impatient? I know... shocking

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