note to self: going to bed at 2am the night before the first day of the semester is unacceptable.

School has once again started... new classes... new professors... new books... new majors

Yep, Gabe and I both changed majors. I know you're shaking your head at me but the good news is I will be graduating with my undergrad at the same time I would have otherwise. Gabe on the other hand will have a few more semesters. However, he is already loving his new classes and the possibilities of careers or grad school.

We both started this semester under the weather and so we are hoping for an uneventful weekend in order to recuperate in time for our already demanding classes which resume on Monday.

In between Christmas and the start of school we have had one birthday party, two guests in our apartment, three people's belongings move out, four sickies, and five meals at home (we are getting better at not eating out).

New Year resolutions soon to follow. I hope you all are enjoying 2012 as we are.

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