just a little bit...

sometimes our souls need healing, damaged beyond what we think we have been prepared for or can handle

for me that healing comes from prayer and my husband, music and dear friends...
and a long run as soon as time permits

I take a deep breath, one at a time, in and out.
and just when the breathing starts to seem too much, a text full of genuine support

twenty minutes and about 250 breaths later I hear three lines from a beautiful Cadenza that take me to a peaceful place

three minutes later, when I think it has been an hour my husband cracks a joke in hopes of making me smile, because that's what he does (makes me smile)

I love homework... because it is difficult enough I don't have to think about anything else...

I hate time because it is ticking towards what I dread

but it is also ticking towards healing... and towards that really long run.

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