I know that you know that I'm not telling the truth..

Gabe and I are so different in many ways,
 I want a motorcycle, he had me promise to not get one (unless he dies, because he says I will soon be joining him)

I leave my towel on the floor, and his is hung back up sometimes before he is dressed

I like going to bed before midnight, he prefers waking up around noon

but, there is one thing we both can't stand... scary movies. he thinks they're poorly written with lame plots. me? I get more scared over those dumb movies than I do real life...

 the other night, some people were over and we watched Darkness Falls

(sorry for talking so much Brid... :/)

and even though Gabe wasn't scared, he was okay with me having us stay up to watch an episode (or two) of Psych on Netflix before going to bed

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