Heather and Chelsea turn 24...

last weekend Gabe and I went out with a few of our friends to celebrate  our friend Chelsea turning 24. the night ended with us at Mark and Chelsea's where Chelsea and I convinced our husbands to let us do this:

(yep, those are Gabe's toes painted yellow with blue sparkles. mine are the creepy looking feet with those awesome scars on them)

my birthday has been playing out for the last few days. Friday I had a wonderful hour long, full body massage. it was soo fantastic. and then they told me my hip was dislocated and that was the reason I had a weird lump on my back. all in all eventful but relaxing. 

when I had been sitting at work for a few hours these showed up for me:

(yes that is a coffee mug in the shape of a pig's head in the background)

that night we went out to eat. where the waitress amused us by putting a candle in my dessert
 and then went to Color Me Mine for some ceramic fun. Gabe was mocking it the entire time... but he secretly loved it. there was this kid playing acoustic on his guitar in the background, and it wasn't the lame "I can only get a gig at a Mormon coffee shop" type of thing. he knew some serious tunes and Chelsea and I enjoyed singing along. Gabe and Mark worked so intently on their pieces. I have never seen Mark concentrate on anything that long... and Gabe was so meticulous making sure each detail was exact. It was an enjoyable night.

Saturday night my girl Laura came with us up to SLC.
Gabe got a haircut from the fabulous Ashley at Landis Salon. (seriously, she is the best. if you are needing some hair services let me know and I will hook you up) then we went to Vintos, where it was PACKED due to Sundance. Gabe swears he saw Christian Bale. we finished up the night at a quaint little gelato shop. I suppose it seems simple enough, nothing terribly out of the ordinary (except for the food... ohh how wonderful that food tasted) but it was perfect. it was warm, and friendly. I love those two girls so much and I love my husband for enjoying time out with us.

tonight was fantastic as well... but that is another post for another day.

It is time for me to cuddle up to this handsome man and watch a classic:

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