Chinese New Year Resolutions

because I am so punctual... well really because I have been pondering about it I have taken far too long to come up with a few resolutions for this next year. I wanted them to be achievable, and I wanted to be able to work on them without losing myself or my husband in the process of a goal. this is what I have come up with:

1. the 10-20-70 plan. budgeting is one of our weak spots. it isn't that we don't save money, because we do. the issue is we are so busy all the time that sometimes our spending money gets spent frivolously and then we are left with more wants and needs than we should for the amount of money we spend. I often feel guilty for needing new clothes (Gabe persuaded me to take a look at my Sunday wardrobe this week and decide to buy a few more items) or wanting some things.
So here it is: we give 10% to our church we save 20% (the tax return ALL gets put into savings) and we can spend 70%
If we keep our budget for a full month then we both get to pick something out with the money we saved or save up for a big purchase (I think by the end of the year we will own a 3DS... we shall see)

2. make healthier choices
from food consumption to exercise habits it is no secret 2011 was lacking, and a couple of added pounds would have to agree it is time for an overhaul. so far this year we are having a lot of fun with discovering different fruits and vegetables we both enjoy. Gabe is starting to get his run on again and I have found a great new exercise partner who goes to the gym with me 3x a week

3. more conscious decisions.
from how much time I spend watching tv to writing in my journal and giving service I want to make a better effort at doing things on purpose. Is it time for a schedule? Did I really just mention a schedule...

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