there are worse things...

I had a hectic morning. This is how it was supposed to go:
7a - Dr's appointment (follow up from surgery)
8a- group presentation
9:30 nap until review
11- review

It seems simple enough... right?

Well... this is how my morning went:
wake up at 6:30 (late) because I was up until 2:30
get to the dr at 7:04, only to learn he is delivering a baby and I will have to wait
7:20 make a plan for the husband (who is oh so wonderful) to take the things I need for the presentation to a girl in my group
7:36 get into the actual appointment room
7:38 call from the husband saying the car is dead, can I come get him
7:39 tell the nurses I am leaving but will be back (I think they would have preferred I stay gone but I've waited months to get a dr's release to work out... not happening)
7:51 drop the husband off at school
7:52 drive back to the dr's office giving silent prayers the entire way for a wonderful husband and a group who is so understanding and a professor who let our group go later
8:15 see the dr... for less than 10 minutes
8:22 leave the dr's office while frantically texting my group
8:42 finally present with my group
9:20 try to take a nap but my phone disagreed and wouldn't stay quiet so instead I read a textbook
10:55 find out another class has the room where the review is supposed to be held
11:05 after the snooty girl said we couldn't use the room and have them move their pizza party ran I with a classmate and found another room

well that was fun... oh finals I really am grateful for you. it means I am one step closer to graduation and earning an education

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