don't go changin'

another semester is wrapping up. this is the last week of classes and we are using every bit of our will power to get up and attend our 8am classes in the increasingly cold weather.

I shouldn't complain, we have a great car and having class at 8am means I am finished with my day at 4:30, which leaves an evening full of possibilities. Still... my first class next semester will not start until 9:30 and I will get home around 7 most nights. Worth it.

Gabe made these delicious twice baked red potatoes on Sunday night that we have slowly been devouring. He and I have drastically different approaches to the kitchen and cooking.I never really measure things out. I know what a teaspoon looks like and hey maybe I want a bit more tomato in my salsa. Most of the time this works, other times we go out to eat. Gabe however is meticulous with each measurement, making sure each one is just right, setting timers for everything, and cringing at the thought of looking up substitutions for ingredients. Maybe his track record is a little better than mine (mostly due to the fact that I burn things)

You would think that Gabe would clean as he goes, making sure that everything was in its proper place and that I am a whirlwind of mess leaving a tornado of flour in my wake. Well... to be honest it is quite the opposite (unless I am making food with "help" of siblings or nieces and nephews). Oh the joys of cooking... with finals coming up we always buy frozen dinners (not the TV kind... gross) and call it good. One day I will be the best wife/mother ever and make homemade delicious and nutritious meals every day.

ok.... you can stop laughing now.....

And on a completely random note: Can I tell you how adorable it is when the guys at work pull out their smart phones and show me video of their grandchildren? I love it. Every time. Even if one of the guys forgot that he already showed me that video... twice.

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