what Harry Potter taught me...

I have seen these lists of what the Harry Potter series has taught people and I figured as much as I love the series it is about time I made one of my own:

Harry taught me to be brave, even when there were no adults around to show me how

Ron taught me that it is okay to  be angry with the ones I love, but to always come back

Hermione taught me that one day someone would love my know-it-all, book worm self

Ginny reminded me how important it is to cherish my brothers

Fred and George taught me that it was okay to have a sense of humor in any situation, even at the most seemingly inappropriate times

Dumbledore taught me to give up everything for what I truly believe in

Luna taught me to love my little sister with all her weird quirks

Neville taught me that as long as I stand up for what I believe in it doesn't really matter how incredibly dorky I was growing up

JK Rowling reminded me of the sacrifice of my single mother

These characters were my mentors, my friends. I learned some difficult lessons from them as silly as it sounds and despite the arguments that this series is poorly written it will most likely always be my favorite fiction. After all, I grew up with these characters and I hope my children will do the same.

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