still learning...

clocks seem to turn at an increasing speed as this year gets older.

maybe it is because so many things have happened this year. and by things I mean life changing events. we had to grow up in a lot of ways. we had to make serious decisions, go without sleep in order to get things done, make sacrifices and choices that will forever change the path of our little family.

I am figuring out a lot of things about myself, about married life and about my wonderful husband and our future.

I am learning the patience of having to wait for things like children and a degree in a fulfilling field. I am learning how truly kind and giving my husband is, and how important it is to nourish and never abuse those qualities. I am learning that giving service to others is many times thankless but still makes my life have meaning. I am learning that my spontaneity can be a good thing. I am learning the heartbreak of watching others go through unimaginable pain and struggles and being limited in my capacity to help. I am learning the great power of prayer and how truly precious I am to my Father in Heaven. I am learning to trust the right people. I am learning what kind of home I want to have and taking charge of my part in that.

tonight we opened a bottle of sparkling grape cider and a creamy chocolate bar with almonds and honey in it. we were celebrating life and everything we have experienced this year. we were celebrating our love for one another and for those who are dear to us. we were celebrating those seemingly small triumphs that we have conquered as of late...and we really wanted a treat.

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