the one and ONLY time I will EVER attempt to cut Gabe's hair...

I am traumatized... maybe you can blame it on my hormone treatments (Gabe does) or maybe it is because I just did a HORRIBLE job cutting Gabe's hair.

It wasn't my idea... and while I can't say he made me do it, he did use his stubbornness to his (dis)advantage.

He said if I didn't cut his hair, he would do it himself, without a mirror. Now... I am wondering if that would have been the better option. I begged him to let me take him somewhere, but he argued about the expenses of buying a new car etc.

Next time I think I will just sedate him.

And yes, I know there are more important things in this world than a bad hair cut, that hair grows and that life I goes on... But I can't help feel horrible for his poor pitiful head, with a bald spot right towards the front.

I need to stick to molding the human mind and leave molding the human hair to others...

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