a lot to be thankful and busy about

We had a very busy weekend:
new car
our first ever washer and dryer
our fake Thanksgiving dinner with Emily and her bo (in which I cooked everything except the turkey and potatoes. Whew, yet another first successfully executed)

And as strange as it may sound I sort of feel like the holidays are over. We're eating Thanksgiving leftovers for lunches, and who needs a better Christmas present than a washer, dryer AND a new car. But, I will thoroughly enjoy the Christmas season... As soon as finals are over and out of the way.

Until then, I can just pretend that the holidays really are finished and done with... Except for the eggnog, Christmas decorations and music, holiday cards, visiting relatives and all of those other things that I love about this time of year.

There is no escaping it, from now until the end of the semester we are going to be one busy couple!

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