Gabe is the big 2-4

Today the husband turned 24. He thinks he's old. . .

I really enjoyed seeing him light up over the people who love him stopping by or giving him a phone call. We have a fun sort of mix in our family, him being the youngest and me being one of the older kids (okay, so I was the middle child... whatever). Gabe's family calls and talks, my family calls and sings Happy Birthday obnoxiously (this is still my favorite part of my birthday wishes, and it has become one of his). I would say it is a healthy dose of both.

As I sit here watching him do homework, while I work on his final birthday present (aren't I oh so punctual) a little smile sneaks across my face as I realize that this is the man I get to spend the rest of forever with.

Well, that was him about 15 years ago... such a cute little kid.

Happy Birthday Gabe, thanks for letting me be a part of the past 10 years of your life and all the ones to come.

Love you.

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