but now I realize forever that you're my friend

We had a pretty busy weekend:
Friday I had a doctor's appointment and was given official clearance to no longer wear my boot, two weeks early! Apparently, my bones are awesome at healing themselves and although I can only fit my still swollen foot into two pairs of my shoes, it is a start (even if I am trashing my favorite pair of moccasins by wearing them everywhere)

Saturday afternoon Emily came back into town from her seasonal job down in Zion's to stay with us for a few days while she finds a new place to live and a job (if you know of anyone hiring, she is looking for either part or full time)

Saturday night we went out for Gabe's family birthday dinner (with the number of people ever depleting with each year...)

Sunday Emily helped me make Gabe's home birthday dinner (isn't he lucky, two birthday dinners although I would say this one was much more delicious than the former)

and Sunday night a handful of rambunctious guys came over to tell Gabe happy (late) birthday and eat the rest of his Reese's Cheesecake (which caused two of them to go on a sugar high and do things like push ups in our hallway). They also tried to convince Gabe that they should all move into our apartment. Sorry boys, as much as he loves you, not happening.

did I get any pictures? Of course not... I really need to get better at that.

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