when all you got to keep is strong, move along

Maybe this was the reason I loved running cross country so much in high school, maybe this is the reason that I still crave those wonderfully gruesome long runs. Maybe this is the reason that when life becomes seemingly overwhelming one of my first urges is to grab my running shoes and a playlist.

Because I know I can conquer those runs. I know I can keep on going and somehow whenever I am at the end my brain translates the thinking that if I just finished that run, then I can conquer whatever lies ahead of me.

I have complained about my surgery and not running, a lot. But if I am honest with myself in the end, that surgery will allow me to run faster and further. While I am still frustrated that I am in this limbo, without it I would have to quit long before I was ready. With it I can be hopeful that I will be running for many years to come.

I keep saying that I will be ready for when this boot is off and I can take off once again. Maybe what I should be focusing on is the things I can do, those exercises and the training that will get me ready for another long run when the time comes.

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