my weekends need to start being more than me just soaking in much needed aspects of my life...

I tried so hard the last part of this week to concentrate on my homework, on studying for my mid-term I have coming up. On organizing my mess of clothes. On doing anything productive. But due to minor foot surgery Wednesday, pain meds and /or utter exhaustion I watched six of the eight Harry Potter movies and slept. When I say I watched Harry Potter, it really means I would start one of the movies and have background noise while I fell asleep which lead to weird dreams about me being magic and in the hospital wing at Hogwarts while the nurses and missionaries performed medical spells on me. I know... I brought it upon myself.

Last weekend wasn't much more productive in the school sense (I promise I do homework and other necessary college things.When? I am not sure...) but it was both productive and necessary in every sense of my sanity and well being.

Last weekend was general conference where I was able to hear from men and women of God, where I was able to reaffirm my own faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice, where I once again remembered why it is I am in school, and work so hard, and even sometimes why I am a nice person. I was reminded how much my Father in Heaven loves me, Heather, personally and perfectly. I was told time and time again not only what an amazing person I am but even more the potential of what I can become.

Remembering last weekend reminds me that even though the past few weeks have been rough, that it is all okay in the end.

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