I navigate these crooked paths. . .

Autumn feels like spring for me, in the sense that it brings a rebirth with all sorts of new possibilities.

Maybe it is the start of the school year, or the start of another cold winter that hasn't quite arrived. I am not sure...

Either way I relish in days like today where I am all caught up (when does that ever happen?) and I can just sit and listen to a new album and soak up all the carefully chosen words and chords, listening to the private and yet obvious meanings behind each line of music and verse. Remembering moments and events that relate or knowing that some experiences I will never share with those of the lyricist.

It is time to simplify my life a little more. Get rid of the things that do not fit with my goals and dreams and add the aspects that have been missing.

But for now, even if just a moment I am simply going to listen and allow myself to feel all those things that I have pushed away because of time constraints or my tendency to not see certain truths.

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