the fall out of the collision between food and life

With my surgery and other medical issues I have been really sick as of late...

Which means that Gabe had to pick up the slack. He has done laundry and dishes and even picked up my ever growing pile of clothes :/

But one thing he hasn't done is cook. He has this abhorrence towards cooking for some reason, which means we have gone out a lot. It gets interesting trying to make sure we all get the right amount of nutrients and still eat out. Some nights we would spend more and go to places that had better nutrition, other nights it would be like uhh extra lettuce on the burgers and cook sweet potato fries at home.

I wish there wasn't that exchange of nutrition for money but it seems like whether we are eating out or eating at home that is how it is.

But when you think about it, the exchange is worth it. One of my immediate relatives was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Obesity is the largest growing (no pun intended) endemic in the United States and the health issues that stem from it are endless.

So I will continue to find ridiculous ways to try and eat more healthy in our ever so busy lives. And, hopefully I will start cooking again tonight.

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