as long as your heart's beating, it should never beat alone. . .

I am off crutches!!!  I have a love hate relationship with crutches; I hate using them and love to see them go. To think this could actually be the last time I will be on crutches is a pretty happy thought. We shall hope.

School seems to see how far it can push us. This semester has found a few all-nighters already, and I am sure there are at least a few more in store for us. But, we both really enjoy what we are studying and know that we are working towards so many worthwhile goals.

Is that selfish? To be worrying about our goals and what we want our future to hold? I used to think so, that if I wasn't constantly worrying about others and helping them that somehow I wasn't living up to my potential. But it turns out that it is quite the opposite. If I don't focus on myself somewhat, if I don't worry about our little family's needs THEN I am not living up to my full potential.

I am a firm believer that life is all about finding the balance in things. For me, right now, that means finding the balance between taking care of my husband and myself before I take care of others.

With school and church and extended family and friends, it is going to be a challenge.

I like a good challenge.

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