today is ...

wonderful. today is horrible. today there isn't enough time. today time won't go by quickly enough...

and here are the reasons why:
Today is wonderful because my nephew Michael Danger Koval was born this morning. Yes, Danger really is his middle name. Heaven help his teachers, right? I am so proud and excited for that cute little family who I love so much. I do not want to wait to meet my little nephew but school and funds demand that I do.

Today is horrible because my mind is unorganized and I hate that disheveled feeling where my mind races from one task I need to do to another right in the middle of it all. 

I wrote this Wednesday. Today is the same... but for all other reasons.

Friday is going to come all too soon and all too quickly. I am so ready for this and then again I could have another week and not be completely prepared.

It's kind of like cliff jumping. I planned it, I am really excited for it, but now that it is so close I am anxious and  not sure I should have tried to pull this off in the first place. But unlike cliff jumping I cannot pause for a few minutes to gain enough courage to jump in... This benefit is pushing me closer to the edge of the cliff with every tick of time.

here... I...................... GO!!!!

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