the silver lining project

IT"S OVER! Well, kind of... the auction doesn't end until Thursday (go ahead, go check it out here) but the concert is done and over with.

What a night. What an event. I learned so much. About life, about people and about myself. I learned what it means to really have responsibility over several things and people. I learned why it is so important to know who you can truly count on.

I learned once again how truly amazing my husband really is. He was one of the first people at the venue and the only one who stayed THE entire time (including me...) while I had to work a few hours and run around for last minute things. He was a carpenter, a mover, a cleaner, a food server and as always my right hand man. He was my safe place during this entire time, and he is so glad to have his wife all the way back :)

I also had a lot of help from Alyssa's extended family. They kind of made this thing happen behind it all. Without them I am not sure how far we would have gone with everything.

And then there was all of the volunteers; they donated time, talent (and there was a lot of it), goods and services to make this all come together.

Thank you each one of you. I am so grateful for you and the way you chose to spend your time; helping one of my favorite families.

And it was actually really fun.


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