more than pipe dreams...

today I came across the following on my newsfeed:
"The highest paid TV actresses bring in $13 million just for doing their dream jobs. If money didn't matter and there were no obstacles in your way, what would your dream job be?"
I had to think about it for about .5 seconds before "to be a mom" came into my head. It's true. I love school and I love getting my education but I am so looking forward to those days when I have the privilege of being a mother.

I don't care who says I'm throwing away so much potential or my intellect. I will have to use both of those things and much more each day as I strive to be a mother who knows.

I have a lot of dreams and I plan on achieving each one. But the biggest and most important one is my family.
What would Hawaii, a career in public health that impacts others or becoming a licensed pilot be without them there to cheer me on?

In the meantime I get to be wife, student, sister, and daughter. And thoroughly enjoy other people's adorable kids.

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