maybe next time...

I really really really hate today. And I am usually not one of those dramatic or unfortunate people who hates their days.

I hate today because I hate when those I love hurt. You can treat me how you want, I'll get over it. But you hurt my dear friend who deserves only the best and it makes me want to hurt you.

There was a time in my life when I would have slashed your tires and keyed your car. I am a much nicer person now, and my morals have improved. Lucky for you.

Or maybe, I've just realized that scratched paint and flat tires won't mend a broken heart, and that the best thing I can do for my friend is to support them in their decisions both emotionally and elsewhere. I can cheer them along and help where I can.

I cannot change how you treated my friend. I cannot change the fact that you are far too dense to realize what you had. But, I can help my friend realize what the future holds and that in the long run this will only make her stronger... all those cliche truths and maybe the not so cliche ones that my friend will need to hear time and time again in the near future.

That's what the grown up part of me says. The not so mature yet part says I have a new face to put up for target practice.

Its progress, right?

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