feeling a bit nostaligic

which is why I am going to share two completely random and humorous stories with you from Gabe and I's past.

The first needs a bit of an explanation. LDS/Mormon weddings are not like your regular wedding. In fact. there is only an exchanging of rings if the bride and groom (or in our case our parents) want one and there is no cute little person/animal carrying the rings down the aisle. Which meant that I was responsible for carrying Gabe's ring. Since my dress was short on pockets I ended up sticking it on my thumb. As I was getting ready to go in to be married my Aunt Karen and mom were doing final preparations when my Aunt says "Let's get rid of the thumb ring" as she looked warily at Gabe's wedding band. We all laughed when I explained that it was his ring and that was the only reason I had it on. I love this story because my Aunt was helping to make sure everything was perfect for our wedding day and because a few years ago I would have possibly worn a big bulky thumb ring.

Random story #2 (this one might be a tad bit more amusing).
Those of you know who know Gabe know that he is obsessed with the color green Freshman year of college he had this green outfit:

what you cannot see is his green shoes that he wore as well. One night we were talking and somehow the subject of fashion came up and he said he dressed better than I did arguing that my outfit didn't match (it probably didn't to be honest). He was wearing his green outfit, and argued it matched because they were all shades of green. I laughed and just left it alone. Later on I found out that as a result of this incident he would regularly ask our friend James (who is a pretty classy dresser) if Gabe's clothes matched before he would come and hang out with me.

Oh how I love my husband, and my Aunt Karen.

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