does it count as a post if I am typing to stay awake?

Last night we started moving into the new apartment. We also discovered that there were about half a dozen dead/alive spiders living in our new place. A trip to the store later we had the spider killing goods.

This morning in between classes and work we moved a few carloads over to the new place. I am at the point where I either want to burn all of our things or quit moving #whitegirlproblems as my dear Brook would say.

And because of all the moving we were up until far too late doing the ever glorious amounts of homework. I decided it was time to quite when I could no longer pronounce the word there.

Now, I am brain dead. I am literally typing this to keep myself from laying my head on my desk and taking a nap... Not sure the boss would be a big fan of that one. (Not to mention I am sitting here in Gabe's basketball shorts and a tshirt because my clothes weren't at the apartment where I showered. Business casual... right??)

I am excited for our new fireplace, just in time for chilly weather. Who says s'mores aren't just as good in the winter?

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