cheesy lines from all our favorite cheesy songs...

the apartment is still a mess... but at least we have groceries again! tonight the husband and I went grocery shopping and while I lamented the fact that over six hours of my day were devoted to homework I still love this phase of our lives.

I love learning new things (even if I am horrid at pronouncing medical words...), I love that my husband still has time to go grocery shopping with me and that we could just drop by to celebrate a wonderfully put together surprise party for a dear friend (no pictures... not that you were that interested in them anyways, right?).

For now I am okay with the messy place and the fact that I'm not getting to bed until 1AM. Maybe in the morning it will be another story but right now I can't help but think how grateful I am to not only be alive, but to be living, sharing these moments and experiences with those I love.

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