my plans and life always seem to find a way to conflict...

this was the list I made at the beginning of the summer of things I wanted to do:

1. a salsa garden (even if it is in a planter on my deck)
2. finding a desk and shelves for our office... and then painting them bright red
3. sewing a skirt
4. reading through Les Miserables and Jesus the Christ
5. putting the finishing touches on our apartment
6. finishing up a PD Bio class (online)
7. making a trip out to the midwest
8. finding some curtains for the study or learning to sew some
9. celebrating our 1 year anniversary
10. lots of outdoor activities

this is a list of things I actually did:
1. Work. A LOT more than I thought I would. I am not sure why I forget during the school year how much work I have to do in the summer (maybe because I enjoy school a titch more...) but I do, and I always think I won't be completely exhausted at the end of the day when in reality I usually am. I made homemade salsa, and tortilla chips, and guacamole. baby steps.

2. We made the "office" into a guest bedroom, for a semi-permanent guest

3. I bought a few skirts off the clearance rack... I still want to sew that skirt though.

4. I read though Les Mis and started Jesus the Christ. I also read a few other short reads... There's always Christmas break, right?

5. I suppose I can mark the finishing touches off, although the husband mainly did this one

6. There was no time... at all, for school. Instead I spent more family time, cleaned a little, and started exercising again. I regret nothing.

7. We drove to Oklahoma to take my parents a car that they bought out here. I don't want to sound like I am whining, but the drive was horrendous. The company, much better. I was sad we didn't have time to see Gabe's familia, (he was in the middle of a semester and it was a very short trip) but we will see them before we ring in the New Year.

8. So uhh, the semi-permanent guest still doesn't have curtains in their room.... Looks like we're taking a trip to Ross/Target tonight.

9. Husband and I most certainly did celebrate our 1 year, I loved it.

10. I walked around town a lot... does that count?

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