it has been a day...

most noticeable by the fact that it is well past midnight and I am still awake.

I found out that a plane had been shot down in Afghanistan. Immediately I thought of my brother who is stationed there, then of others I know in the military. When I found out it wasn't my brother there was a sigh of relief, a ping of guilt and finally sorrow for those who did loose their loved ones yesterday.

Our car overheated, which I thought cracked the engine. Thankfully it didn't (so grateful for in-laws who answer panicked phone calls) but we still have to take the car in.

and I spent a lot of the evening at the hospital with someone I love dearly. (yes, I am being vague on purpose and no there is no reason to worry.)

loving people is the source of my greatest and worst emotions. I just have to keep on reminding myself that being closed off isn't any better because then I don't get to experience those moments of joy.

don't worry my next post will be a little less melancholy. . .

there is much to be grateful for but tonight I needed to let some of this out

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