a funeral

the past week was a flurry of emotions for me. and while I am grateful for each one some were more pleasant than others.

Thursday was Jada Mortensen's funeral. To say that was difficult would be an understatement, to see those I love dearly hurt so much, hurts me much more than my own ever could. Andy and James came to pick us up because our car was in the shop (more on this later) and hey, it's better to car pool.

In true form, we were almost late but not quite. The first people I saw who I knew were the grandparents. these are people who have welcomed me into their home, letting us stay up far too late doing things like painting in the driveway at 4am. Alyssa's grandpa has given me numerous priesthood blessings and a nickname. and there they were, both red eyed and tearful.

Then I heard Bridian's (a sister) graicous voice thanking people for coming and for caring about their family so much. I saw Nicole (the mom) beautiful, and elegant in a blue dress. I have never seen anyone so well put together at their own child's funeral. but then again, I wasn't surprised.

I heard awe-inspiring Jace tell of the loss of his best friend and the kind of person she helped him want to become. I heard Alyssa's voice through her sister as Bridian read a letter written from Lyss on her mission in Portugal. I heard two sweet young girls sing of the truth they know of Jesus Christ and His return. I heard a heartbroken mother speak of her child. A woman who lost so much in this last year who is still so willing to follow the plan God has for her. Once again, I was not surprised. I was in turn inspired to become a better person through their example. I saw my friends and husband who hurt so much for Alyssa and her family.I felt the Spirit so strongly testify that Jada and her family will once again be reunited.

After the funeral, before the burial, I finally got to speak to her grandparents. all the tears I had been holding back came rushing. Hugs were given and I think I accidentally got snot on his suit...

It was a sunny bright day, I saw so many friends and learned what faith in adversity really means. I think Jada would be pleased with the outcome.

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