homemade guacamole and zip lines

this past week Gabe and I went to Park City to celebrate our one year anniversary. there were a few glitches in us trying to get out of town (the car broke down, the bank thought my card was stolen, and as always we were running late, enough that the hotel almost didn't let us check in) but other than that it was quite enjoyable:

-husband got me this amazing necklace I have been eying for months (this is notable for two reasons;
1. I am usually not a fan of jewelry 2. even when I am, Gabe rarely notices)

-we discovered down town Park City, which reminds me a lot of down town Anchorage. If we ever have to live in Utah after we graduate, I think I could survive in Park City

-we ate at local restaurants, mostly it was quite tasty. I tried watermelon soup, which was interesting, but not enough to make me want it again. I also tried mashed cauliflower, which made me gag (but because I have been trained to do so, I tried at least three bites), Gabe was a grown up and ate a little bit more of it

-we ate the most delicious waffle cones (and the ice cream shop actually had sorbet so I could eat it as well)

-we toured the Olympic park, saw athletes training for the winter Olympics, took ridiculous pictures in a bobsled and went on a ridiculously tall zip line

                                     (no that isn't us on the zipline, I just wanted you to see how high up it is)

-we went swimming which consisted of us jumping from hot tub, to freezing cold pool, to the sauna, back to the hot tub and the pool several times over (it was quite chilly, but later we learned that was because it was fresh mountain water, which made me feel a bit more rustic)

- we drove around, got lost a few times, sang to the radio and enjoyed time just us. the only thing I didn't like about this trip was coming home.

Today on our actual anniversary we did the usual Sunday thing (which consists of sleeping in and making a real breakfast unlike every other day of the week, and then church and some family time) but we also made homemade chips, guacamole and salsa. yumm.

I am full of food and love.

(sorry for the lack of pictures... we forgot the camera)

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