it's a date...

now that I am married I do a lot more lunch dates. I can't decide if that is because I like my evenings with the husband and don't want to drag him to sit there while me and old friends catch up or because I am entirely busy most nights.

maybe it is a little of both.

completely random; this morning I started singing U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi... while getting ready to which Gabe replied "What are you singing?" this caused me to relay to him the following story:
When I was younger we used to go on road trips with my mom. I am not sure if my dad was working, had already left the family or was simply not around. But, I do remember the person who sat up front was designated map and sign reader (my mom has always been blind, but especially at night), and it was their duty to help her stay awake as well. There were renditions of this song among many others sung loudly, (no wonder I am a heavy sleeper) and I even remember some hand motions.

Besides silly songs and feeling important for helping mom out, that time was special because it was just you and mom. All of my life I have shared my mom with at least two siblings, usually more. I have never really minded but when I had that special time with my mom, late at night, talking about anything and everything I really enjoyed it.

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