I remember when we had the time in the world...

this week went by so fast I forgot to send my mom's present in the mail... so we opted for calling her at 12am her time to tell her happy birthday. the present will have to come later.
time seems to be speeding up as of late, which I know scientifically makes no sense. however, as the days and even weeks start to rush by I begin to wonder if there is some truth to my perception of things.

this week consisted of the continual search of a venue... I had some really good leads and we will most definitely have a location locked in by Friday. I am so glad because this has been such an unexpected difficulty in working on the benefit concert. who knew finding a place to host this would be such an ordeal?!

I am so grateful for everyone who has helped participate in this, if it was just me we might have a lame concert with a few donations for the silent auction but nothing more on our hands. I am so glad that is not the case.
the husband and I also went to our first 3D movie ever... Thor

 and we surprisingly enjoyed it (I look so exhausted because it was midnight, which is way past my bedtime)

it was a good week... I had a lot of fun with my husband and big little brother. it is now time for bed and another week

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