and the beat goes...

things with the concert are going amazingly well.
The extended family has been such a huge help and the connections they have are a major blessing in putting all of this together. Benefit or not this is going to be a great concert to attend. Everything has fallen into place and I almost forgot how much I enjoy being this busy.

Adam is visiting for a few weeks and we have had a lot of fun. From literally running to the Harry Potter premiere to going to IKEA to watching Adam and Gabe's love for food go back and forth it has been great. Adam has EFY this week and on the first day he was way too cool to tell us what a good time he had. Today, he said it was enjoyable. His exact words.

Gabe is working... as always. They just got a golf cart and him and the boss probably enjoy it a little too much. He is still figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up. I refuse to tell him what to do... after all I am not the one who will be doing that thing for at least eight hours a day five days a week. He is learning a good lesson. I am trying ever so hard to be patient and not stress out because I don't have a plan.

We are getting ready to celebrate our one year anniversary. In some ways it feels like we have been married much longer, like this has always been my life. But in others I can't believe a full year has passed. We have almost used up all of our firsts. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day... Now onto anniversary.

I have been reading a book entitled The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. It is about a man who has prostate cancer and is dying. You would think it is super depressing. However, for me it has been the opposite. I have sat and read this book, relearning life lessons, being glad I already knew some of them and coming upon new ones. I haven't cried once. I have been inspired and uplifted. I have come to realize there are things I am lacking in that I do not want to be. I almost walked into someone while reading and walking... never a good idea.

Life is good. Oh, one thing we are lacking for the benefit are items for the silent auction. If you have any, or know anyone who would be willing to help out please let me know!

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