Sunday, July 31, 2011

I remember when we had the time in the world...

this week went by so fast I forgot to send my mom's present in the mail... so we opted for calling her at 12am her time to tell her happy birthday. the present will have to come later.
time seems to be speeding up as of late, which I know scientifically makes no sense. however, as the days and even weeks start to rush by I begin to wonder if there is some truth to my perception of things.

this week consisted of the continual search of a venue... I had some really good leads and we will most definitely have a location locked in by Friday. I am so glad because this has been such an unexpected difficulty in working on the benefit concert. who knew finding a place to host this would be such an ordeal?!

I am so grateful for everyone who has helped participate in this, if it was just me we might have a lame concert with a few donations for the silent auction but nothing more on our hands. I am so glad that is not the case.
the husband and I also went to our first 3D movie ever... Thor

 and we surprisingly enjoyed it (I look so exhausted because it was midnight, which is way past my bedtime)

it was a good week... I had a lot of fun with my husband and big little brother. it is now time for bed and another week

Thursday, July 28, 2011

some reasons I love being married to my best friend...

I don't have to take pictures like this alone

and I get to laugh when he does things like this


one year older and wiser too. . .

it has been one of those weeks where I am shocked it is Thursday. Probably because Monday was Pioneer Day (technically Sunday was Pioneer day, but BYU celebrated Monday) and we opted to not go into work.

Usually we go in, even on holidays (being the workaholics/poor college students that we are). But we are getting towards the end of summer and getting burnt out on spending up to 8 hours a day 6 days a week at work and it was my little brother's birthday.

We had a blast. It was the traditional breakfast of birthday boy's choice (homemade biscuits and gravy, thank you mom for the recipe. they were delicious.) Tucanos for lunch, where Adam indulged on their amazing roasted pineapple.

We went to a giant toy store (think Home Alone 2)

and then ate these amazing cupcakes that we made

and then some pizza with family. It was just enough to make the day special but not too much to make it an ordeal.

Friday, July 22, 2011

quick shout out

as I sit here wanting to go to bed but waiting to pick up the little brother from an after efy (summer camp) party I can't help but think how grateful I am for all the nights my parents let me stay out with friends

even if they were in bed most of the time... asleep (my mom swears she was awake, but you should have heard her talking :)

I still appreciate it. Oh what glorious things our siblings can teach us...

thanks for staying awake mom... or at least half way conscious

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

and the beat goes...

things with the concert are going amazingly well.
The extended family has been such a huge help and the connections they have are a major blessing in putting all of this together. Benefit or not this is going to be a great concert to attend. Everything has fallen into place and I almost forgot how much I enjoy being this busy.

Adam is visiting for a few weeks and we have had a lot of fun. From literally running to the Harry Potter premiere to going to IKEA to watching Adam and Gabe's love for food go back and forth it has been great. Adam has EFY this week and on the first day he was way too cool to tell us what a good time he had. Today, he said it was enjoyable. His exact words.

Gabe is working... as always. They just got a golf cart and him and the boss probably enjoy it a little too much. He is still figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up. I refuse to tell him what to do... after all I am not the one who will be doing that thing for at least eight hours a day five days a week. He is learning a good lesson. I am trying ever so hard to be patient and not stress out because I don't have a plan.

We are getting ready to celebrate our one year anniversary. In some ways it feels like we have been married much longer, like this has always been my life. But in others I can't believe a full year has passed. We have almost used up all of our firsts. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day... Now onto anniversary.

I have been reading a book entitled The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. It is about a man who has prostate cancer and is dying. You would think it is super depressing. However, for me it has been the opposite. I have sat and read this book, relearning life lessons, being glad I already knew some of them and coming upon new ones. I haven't cried once. I have been inspired and uplifted. I have come to realize there are things I am lacking in that I do not want to be. I almost walked into someone while reading and walking... never a good idea.

Life is good. Oh, one thing we are lacking for the benefit are items for the silent auction. If you have any, or know anyone who would be willing to help out please let me know!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

it's a date...

now that I am married I do a lot more lunch dates. I can't decide if that is because I like my evenings with the husband and don't want to drag him to sit there while me and old friends catch up or because I am entirely busy most nights.

maybe it is a little of both.

completely random; this morning I started singing U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi... while getting ready to which Gabe replied "What are you singing?" this caused me to relay to him the following story:
When I was younger we used to go on road trips with my mom. I am not sure if my dad was working, had already left the family or was simply not around. But, I do remember the person who sat up front was designated map and sign reader (my mom has always been blind, but especially at night), and it was their duty to help her stay awake as well. There were renditions of this song among many others sung loudly, (no wonder I am a heavy sleeper) and I even remember some hand motions.

Besides silly songs and feeling important for helping mom out, that time was special because it was just you and mom. All of my life I have shared my mom with at least two siblings, usually more. I have never really minded but when I had that special time with my mom, late at night, talking about anything and everything I really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

don't blink, don't close your eyes and most of all don't apologize...

I forgot how much music completes my life until today. I have been so busy I have hardly had time to listen to music. I never thought my life would be that hectic. After this afternoon I never want it to be again.

sometimes in life we have to make decisions between what is right and what is easy. it is only so cliche because it is ever apparent in almost everyone's life...

but in the end what is right is usually the easiest road all along. I am a big believer in taking responsibility for one's actions. Maybe because most people do not or maybe because I have found that taking responsibility for what I choose to do has been the easiest way for me to correct my faults. Either way, they are choices you must face consequences to.

And if a decision is the right one, the one you truly feel conviction for (I am not talking about what shirt to wear or whether you should choose chicken or fish) then even if it is difficult you can stand by it knowing that you made the decision with the best of your judgement and abilities.

I recently decided to speak up where no one else would, to say something to someone's face instead of behind their backs. It was difficult, people are angry, and I think that some relationships have been changed for good.

I would be lying to say I don't care but truth; I wouldn't take it back. I would do it again. But that doesn't make the hurt any more dull. It doesn't make my life any easier and I once again learned the difficult lesson that we cannot change others.

The one thing I have solace in about all of this is that it was my choice, one that was well thought out and one that I will never regret no matter what the outcome.

... It's me whose got the demons to wrestle now.

(if you notice lyrics its Sherwood. enjoy)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

inanimate objects we enjoy...

I love the sun... and road trips... and Independence Day...

Gabe loves movie premiers... and his green hoodie... and his beard 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wanna play catch...

because I suppose I have a lot to catch up on.
Fourth of July
the biggest thing I think I have taken upon myself in who knows how long...
and the surprise I still am dying to know details about.

Fourth of July was great!

we went on a road trip with some friends from work down to Vegas (maybe Gabe and I are weird, but we still hang out with our single friends... whatevs)
it was a blast. we stayed with our friend Cy's family and it was fantastic. he has brothers and so it reminded me a lot of being at home in a sense. Cy also has this adorable nephew named Kaleo who I had way too much fun with. It is possible his family was concerned I would put him in my suitcase and take him home. It might have been a valid concern.
We ate tons of delicious food, watched fireworks and went shopping. I loved it all. I didn't even mind the 112 degree weather as much as I thought I would, definitely a holiday to remember.
Mostly I enjoyed spending time with the husband and friends away from work and everything else here.

Benefit Concert
I am loving planning this concert and I am soo grateful for all of the people helping out. I am excited to see the final product, I am so busy that I think it is leaking out my ears. I burnt a quesadilla tonight because I was so caught up in things. I hope this will exceed expectations. I will tell you all about it when I know more. get excited.

Surprise Time

Gabe is planning a trip for the anniversary. I am pretty ecstatic. It will be fun to get away just us for a few days.