why is it

that when someone really disappoints me my immediate reaction is to want to punch them? usually in the face...

It is irrational but, there it is.
**just for the record I have never punched anyone in the face except my siblings when we were all being too rambunctious when I was maybe the ripe age of 7**

when I say disappointment I am not talking about someone standing me up to hang out I mean disappointment because I have discovered they actually are kind of a jerk of a human being. people disappoint me over and over, and I go through this cycle

anger- hence the punching in the face
ignoring- because I don't want to face the fact that they disappointed me
denial- I try to justify their actions
disgust- when I finally realize that they really did disappoint
helplessness- because everyone isn't what I hold them up to be
disappointment- in them for doing it and in me for believing they were better than that
a long run with some good music- because this is what I do to get my emotions out

maybe it isn't the healthiest... but at least no one gets punched

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