Weddings and Credit Cards

this weekend we went to our dear friend Mark's wedding. his wife Chelsea is pretty awesome too. it was a beautiful wedding, in the Mt. Timpanogos temple

we loved it and it reminded us of the promises we made to each other a little under a year ago. however, when we got to the reception things got a little interesting.

all day people had been giving me weird looks, I assumed that either a.) my level of paranoia was higher than usual b.) there was a boogie sticking out of my nose or c.) they were all as smitten by my awesome new hair as I was.

the answer was d.) someone told everyone that I was Mark's high school girlfriend or Prom date or whatever.

fun right? I soon corrected the family member who was brave enough to ask by letting them know Gabe and Mark have been friends practically since birth and that Mark and I were close friends but that was all we were. at first I was extremely embarrassed but then embarrassment turned to amusement and now it is one of Gabe and I's favorite jokes...

All is well that ends well though and I was so excited to see two people so happy and full of life.

and as for credit cards we have been doing our research lately and is there really any reason to own one? with APRs and annual fees and all the confusion it annoys me that they seem to be one of the easiest ways to build personal credit. you have to spend money to have good credit... you have to spend even more money have better credit.

seems a little silly to me

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