My heart hurts...

more than it has in longer than I can remember.

Tuesday June 21st a family that is very near and dear to me suffered a terrible tragedy.

While moving cross country, they were in a horrible car accident that left one sweet 14 year-old dead, two daughters seriously injured and the rest of the family shaken up. I am still kind of in a daze about it all. This family has been through so much already and I thought their troubles were finally coming to an end.

At times like this I struggle to understand the specific plans that our Father in Heaven has for each of us. But, more than that I am grateful that I know their family will be together once again and that this will be but a small moment in their existence. In no way do I wish to menialize what has happened to them but only to offer hope.

I am also setting up a benefit concert but in the meantime ask if any of you have even a few dollars to spare to help out if you can. This family has enough to worry about without medical costs and funeral expenses.

How to help: Click here

A few pictures of Jada:

and a picture of the family (this is a few years old):

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