I want to astonish myself...

today I came across this quote by Thomas Edison:
if we did all the things we are capable of doing we would literally astonish ourselves.

I believe this is entirely true. Last night, Gabe stayed up late writing an essay to apply for his program at the Marriot School. He has worked so hard this summer, working full-time and taking classes so he can start his major in the fall.
And he has astonished me by what it is he has accomplished both in school and at work.

He has also inspired me to continue to astonish myself.
As I came to school here I was astonished that I drove across country all on my own to try out a life that I believed could make me better.
Last semester I astonished myself with the best grades I have had since my brain injury a few summers ago.

This summer I haven't done nearly enough to reach all those things I am capable of. There has been too much TV watching and not enough book reading, too many sweets and not enough runs, too much thinking about me and not enough about others, too much time wasted and not enough spent purposefully.

So this is my goal (no worries I am slowly checking off my list from earlier this summer): to continually work towards astonishing myself, and to see the potential Heavenly Father has for me manifest itself in my life.

This goal will never be finished, it will never be checked off, and perhaps that is why I am so fond of it.

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