I have the coolest cousins ever

my cousin came with her husband and kids a few weeks ago. she called me on Friday night and said "I want to come see your apartment" and she did. then they bought us lunch the next Monday (JDawgs and Gatorade, I have the best family) while baby girl napped and then woke up and toddler boy played with toys. my cousin and I talked and so did our husbands. they reminisced about being in college while Gabe and I looked at them hoping we would some day be finished with it all. and as always I enjoyed their kids far too much. I'm okay with not having any kids of my own at the moment but I love playing with other people's kids. I love watching them discover things and wonder what they are thinking in their little heads. and usually they are just so cute (especially my family... we all make pretty cute kids)

their visit made me think about my extended family and all of our relationships. I remember being the awkward cousin. No one was really my age, so I went in between playing with my younger cousins and trying to be cool enough for the older ones. I remember one time when I stayed over on a Saturday night but didn't have church clothes, so Carrie and Sarah played dress up with me and Carrie's wardrobe. They said I looked like I was trying to be much older than I was, I secretly loved it.

when we got a little older my cousin Amy and I had some awesome adventures that included a cross country road trip and a few concerts.

when I first came to college my cousin Sarah and her family were my home away from home. there was plenty of tears and laughter shared, and I stole their Doritos (another story, another post). they made fun of the dorks I dated and her husband intimidated the punks. I loved it.

when I got married, my cousin-in-law Breanna offered to make two amazing cakes for our reception as our present. they looked and tasted amazing.

that's my family... and those are my cousins. I love the examples I have of moms and women. I love the memories of being soo awkward but still being accepted, and I love that when my cousins are in town, even for a few days they stop by and spend some time.

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