dignity is an interesting word. it is one that is linked to triumph, defeat, tragedy and our greatest strengths, fears and weaknesses. in a world that seems to give most attention to not just the squeaky but the screaming wheel. few of those with dignity are recognized and even less of those are given the respect they deserve.

we live in a world where politicians who 'finally tell the truth' are considered more courageous than those real men who support and love their families everyday.

a world where it is okay to scream and yell and spit as long as you're on the right side of a cause

a world where the microphone is given to ke$ha to say her New Years resolution is "to not be a douche"

and dignity seems to be something deemed to be important to the royal family and those who are dying. I like being able to define things and so I looked up the definition of dignity:

nobility or elevation of character; worthiness: dignity of sentiments.

and then it made sense to me. to have dignity is to rise above the world, the whiners and those who play the victim. to have dignity is to be above average and normal.

in a world where we give trophies to the losing little league team and steroid use is no longer a surprise, what do we expect? where lindsey and britany get news coverage for too many drugs and not wearing enough clothes, what exactly is it that we are teaching the general population?

dignity is not the first word that comes to mind. and so once again, just like the nutrition of children, it is up to the parents to teach children how to behave with dignity.

not that I am surprised... it might take a whole village to raise a child, but it takes attentive and loving parents to raise them correctly.

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