we can't always have it our way...

sometimes I am far too human for my own good. I want what I want and I want it now. But that isn't how life is, as Jeffrey R. Holland once said "life isn't a fast food restaurant, you can't just order what you want."

And I am thankful for that, because if what I want isn't what I get it is usually not what I need.

I need to be patient, to learn and to grow no matter how painful it is. I do not need new nice things, a limitless bank account and to travel around the world (not yet at least ;) )

I need a wonderful and loving husband. I don't need a perfect one.

I need to go to school, to get a degree and to become the best self I can. I do not need to have the highest GPA or to graduate with three degrees.

I need to trust in the Lord. I do not need to know how it is everything will be okay, even when my little world seems to be tumbling down.

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